Around Lost Garden (Map/地图)

A free map with useful info for travellers staying at Lost Garden is available at the guesthouse.

Here’s some info to help you prepare your trip about what you can find around Lost Garden

For directions to and from the guesthouse, check our location page.


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Nearby Food:

– Laofangzi 老房子: Yunnan restaurant in an old courtyard in the bird and flower market

– Shiping Huiguan: Yunnan cuisine served in a traditional courtyard, 5 min away

– Dai restaurant: cuisine from the Dai minority across from the green lake. Near

– Vegetarian 中国健康家园素食餐厅: organic chinese food, above the post office

– Salvador’s: ice creams, fresh juices and western dishes. famous happy hours

– Brothers Jiang: famous chain of restaurants serving Across the Bridge Rice Noodles.


Nearby Nightlife:

– The Mask 脸谱: western style bar in the Kundu nightlife district, with live music and DJs

– Kundu Night Market: Chinese nightclubs, and night street food on Xinwen Lu.


check for events and live music, especially on weekends



– Green Lake Park 翠湖公园: 2min away. Free. Seagulls from Oct to March. Lots of music and dancing

– Bird and Flower Market 花鸟市场: old streets of Kunming 10min away

– Yuantong Temple 圆通寺: closes at 5pm 10min away

– Dynamic Yunnan 云南印象: dance/music show every night at 8pm at the Art Theater10min away. Book with us and get a 20¥ discount. Tickets from 180¥

– Wenlin Jie/Wenhua Xiang 文林街、文化巷: lots of cafe and restaurants, some foreign-owned, student night street market. bookstore with English books. Paul’s shop: imported food and goods.

– Golden Horse & Jade Rooster 金马碧鸡 (Jinma Biji): 20 min awaypedestrian and shopping area.

Day Trips:

– Stone Forest 石林: at least 1h 30min away. possible public transport from the East Bus St. 200¥ entrance fee. Share a 6 seat van for 550¥ (ask at the front desk)

– Western Hills 西山: at least 40 min away. Bus 54 from Wuyi stop to terminal then Bus 6. Another access from across the lake by cable car (next to the minority village and its museum)

– Bamboo Temple 邛竹寺: Bus 2 from Wuyi stop to Xizhan (西站) then C61 about 40min away

– Yunnan Nationalities Village: Bus A1 from JinmaBiji, about 40min. 45-90 tickets

– Yunnan Nationalities Museum: Contemporary folk culture and art (near the Western Hills), next to the village

– Golden Temple: Bus 235 from Green Lake bus stop, or 69 from Wuyi stop. about 40min away. Entrance 30

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