Description, room info and prices

We are a small guesthouse with a total of 3 dorms, and 13 private rooms, in 2 different houses next to each other (A & B). “Building A” is quiet, green and has a lovely rooftop terrace. “Building B” now has the reception and a small cafe-restaurant, as well as a rooftop terrace.

Different rooms, different prices!

Most rooms have bathroom inside.

Shared Bathroom: These bathroom (shower and toilet) are in our Building B at every floor (2 floors total) so that the bathroom is actually shared with only 1 other room.

Most comfortable mattress, good quality shampoo and soap, floor heating, free WiFi everywhere… Breakfast is not included: you can check our menu here.

All prices in RMB (Yuan)







60/bed or 180/room

50/bed or 300/room

room 104, 201 and 301

room 205, 206, 207, and 208

room 304, 305

room 103, room 105

room 202, 203


room 302, 303

room 106

Twin rooms = 2 single beds

Double rooms = 1 large bed for 2 persons

extra bed available in Double 305 for 50 yuan

To book, you can also just contact us by email/telephone directly or use our online system directly (no deposit!)