Lost Garden Guesthouse and Café Closed until February 6th

Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday! We’d like to inform you that in light of the recent worries about the coronavirus and it’s possible spread, we’ve made the decision to remain closed until February 6th so as not to put any employee or guest at unnecessary risk during this somewhat uncertain time. While we hope this is just us being overly cautious, we’d rather be too careful than not careful enough. We hope you all understand, and wish everyone a safe and healthy new year. [玫瑰][太阳]
一丘田七号抱歉通知: 因为此次新型肺炎疫情发展迅速,为了减少传播途径,降低感染风险,一丘田七号恢复营业时间推迟至2020年2月6日(暂定),感谢理解与支持!祝愿大家身体健康,阖家安康!

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